I am the host of the High Roller!

Wow.  I never would have thought I’d be a host of a tourist attraction, haha. I love it. Feels like a dream.  It wasn’t in the plans at all. But God works in mysterious oversized ways.

For the past few months I have been doing background acting to make ends meet. And in the world of background work, you don’t book work unless you submit all the time, and in Los Angeles there are a lot of people submitting for the same gigs. So being low on money, I decided to start submitting for gigs I wasn’t really right for.

One such gig was that of a poker player/person who could do card tricks. I don’t know any card tricks but I do know how to play poker. I figured it wouldn’t be that hard to fake it for the camera. It’s Hollywood. So I submitted and they called me in for an interview the next day.

They interviewed us on the Universal lot. There were four of us sitting at a table in front of the director trying to do card tricks. Between the four of us not one trick was done. It felt like we were in grade school failing in front of the teacher. I’ll never forget the director sitting there with his elbow on the the table resting his head in his palm, while I tried to shoot the cards from one hand to the other, spilling them all over the ground, and mumbling as I bent over to pick them up, “You gotta go big or go home”!

So I went home. But as I was driving off the lot.  I ran into an old producer friend who asked if I wanted to audition for this hosting gig he was working on. I figured I might as well try it out, so I auditioned.

The next week I booked the High Roller and also received an official letter banning me from doing background work with Central Casting for a month.

Central Casting